How to stop the same song from autoplaying every time you plug your phone into a car


It’s happened to everyone: you plug your smartphone into your car, and then cringe when that song — the same song every time — begins to play. For some reason, iPhones will automatically play whatever song is listed first alphabetically in your iTunes. It doesn’t matter if you’re connecting through Bluetooth or a USB port, it happens… every… time.

Last year, The Verge staff wrote odes to “the songs we unwittingly start our drive with.” It was never the best song that would play first, but because Apple would default to whatever was first in iTunes, you’d end up with some pretty random songs like “A-Plus” by Hieroglyphics, “A/B Machines” by Sleigh Bells, or “About to Die” by the Dirty Projectors. Other times, whatever you happened to…

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