The Tesla Model 3 should have a heads-up display


Tesla Model 3 buyers deserve a heads-up display. Picture this: you’re driving around an unfamiliar town, perhaps while on summer vacation. You’re trying to navigate to your hotel while also being mindful of local speed limits. Your Model 3 tells you both your directions and speed on its massive, center-mounted touchscreen, but dang, you have to keep looking to your right to find that information, thereby taking your eyes off the road. Not only do these quick glances endanger you, the driver, but your passenger, as well, along with pedestrians and other drivers. A heads-up display, which projects images onto your windshield, could remedy this situation, but alas, your Model 3 features essentially no interior hardware, just a single,…

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via GeekNews http://ift.tt/2vPwtRM


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