The latest no-frills Roku TVs start at $250


After launching a well-reviewed and affordable 4K HDR TV with TCL, Roku is going back to low-cost TVs for the latest series of televisions that run the company’s streaming software. Today Roku and partner RCA are announcing a new lineup of HD Roku TVs. Three sizes are available: a 32-inch model costs $249.99, a 43-inch model is $379.99, and the top-end 50-inch model is $499.

The 43- and 50-inch TVs are 1080p, with the smaller 32-inch size having a resolution of 1366×768. These are meant to be no-frills displays. They’re not going to blow you away on picture quality. Like the bargain-priced Roku TVs before them, the selling point here is the easy-to-use software and the thousands of streaming apps that Roku offers. There’s also a TV…

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via GeekNews http://ift.tt/2vScEcY


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